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Monitoring Systems

We develop remote controls

and monitoring systems

for small and large wind turbine

generator projects independent of their supplier.


Database Servers

Fully automated data base servers

Modernising of remote monitoring systems

Broad band connection

of wind parks



Fibre optics cabling

Camera monitoring

On-line monitoring

of WKA



Virtual Power Plants

Remote control and switching

Remote reset / restart

Mobile phone monitoring

Internet connections





Monitoring of >500MW WTGs
As of February 2009 another 65 wind turbine generators are being monitored with WIND-VISION. This means that we currently have 410 monitored WTGs continually transmitting data to the SQL-Servers distributed throughout Germany. The achievable power rating is now 520MW. These generators delivery 10 minute averages and further status details equating to approximately 70,000 to 80,000 data sets and around 5 million values per day.

The new on-line remote control system for wind turbine generators
Via modern broadband technology such as DSL or satellite-DSL it is now possible to both control and monitor your wind turbine in LIVE-STREAM and to implement this technology across several systems simultaneously.
The system allows:
Starting up and stopping of the turbines
Continuous operational status monitoring
Integration into Browser based applications
Optimal on-line fault recognition
Display of several units simultaneously on monitor